Polished Concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH

polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH floors don't just look great, they also boast a wide range of benefits that mark them as being beyond other choices of flooring. For many years, concrete was seen as an industrial-only flooring option, however recently it has come into vogue in retail shops as well as homes. This is due to the stylish looks and effects that can be created, but also in part to the many advantages that polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH has over other flooring choices.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete is great if you are looking for low maintenance floor covering. It's hard-wearing, and once installed needs little attention, other than the occasional mop.

When cleaning polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH floors, you don't need to rely on harsh chemical cleaners anymore. The dust and dirt doesn't stick to the floor, like it does with carpet. The concrete is much more hardy than other floor coverings like floorboards. It's less likely to stain from any spills due to its waterproof surface.

The best way to clean your floors with a vacuum that has been fitted with a head that is suitable for floorboards. You can also mop it using warm, soapy water, but only using a light detergent.

Those with allergies or asthma will love living with polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH. As the dust is easy to pick up with a vacuum, those with any respiratory problems will feel far less irritation.


Concrete is made up of renewable and natural elements. You don't need to knock down a rainforest to have great looking floors. Concrete is also energy-efficient once laid. While many don't consider a concrete floor in their home for the fear of it being too cold, the opposite is actually true. In summer, the floor absorbs moisture from the ground to keep it cool. In winter, it becomes drier and retains the warmth of the sun. Concrete takes some time to warm up, but is very efficient at holding that heat in, meaning your home will stay warm on winter nights.


Concrete floors are hard and durable. They can be reinforced so as to be strong enough to hold the weight of a truck. Even domestic installations are better wearing that other floor choices. You will have far less problems with spills, scratches, and the dreaded stiletto indent.

Low Vibration and Noise

In domestic settings polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH floors are chosen for its good looks, but in industrial settings it's preferred because of practicality; these floors are also very functional. The finished effect is a very even surface, joints are barely noticeable. Vibration levels are low, meaning less maintenance for trucks and less noise and annoyance for staff and customers. In home and shop settings, concrete is also less noisy than floorboards of tiles.

If you're looking for a flooring material that looks great, is easy to maintain, and is hard-wearing, consider polished concrete in Ludlow Falls, OH floors.

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